Usage instructions Hammer of Thor

Many decide to buy Hammer of Thor due to the ease of use. Unlike other drugs, it is not necessary to smear or put another way, simply drip it into the water to get the desired effect. Detailed instructions for use are as follows:

  1. Every day, take 3-5 drops of the drug regardless of meals. It is advisable to choose one time for treatment: evening, morning, day. So you will maintain about the same amount of active substances in the body.
  2. The dosage can be divided into several doses or taken all at one time. To increase the number of drops per day. The maximum dose in 24 hours - 15 drops. If you miss a day, there is no need to catch up.
  3. If you drop a tool into the food, it needs to be warm or cold. The same goes for drinks.
  4. When negative reactions (Allergy, malaise) need to urgently stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Indications for use

When it's time to take the Hammer of Thor

High efficiency drops can be recommended very much. If you feel problems with potency, the tool is definitely worth a try. Doctors prescribe it in the following situations:

  • High levels of stress, mental and emotional stress;
  • Physical exhaustion, chronic fatigue, mental fatigue;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, bad habits;
  • Psychological impotence (lack of confidence in their own men's solvency);
  • Low testosterone because of age or because of other circumstances.

The appointment should, if all of the above issues affect the potency. Poor erection is the only factor taken into account when recommend Hammer of Thor. If you notice such problems, but sexually it's okay, you never have. The actual opposite situation: low potency, with full health a reason to order Hammer of Thor.


The drug got wide popularity not only due to the fact that it can be ordered at a low price, but also due to the safe action. The product is suitable for every man with a small exception. You must refrain from using it only a small category of buyers:

  1. Allergies, which have previously shown the negative effects of the drugs on the basis of the constituent funds. Allergic to "Thor's Hammer" – the reaction is rare, but the organisms are different and cases are.
  2. Men with weak cardiovascular system, with diagnosed disorders of the heart.
  3. With the General weakening of the body, after surgery, serious illnesses. Despite the low price, Hammer of Thor provides a long effect and a strong erection, so it is important to make sure that you have enough health for such exercises.

If you have no contraindications to the use of funds, it is enough to observe caution and rules of admission. So, it is advisable not to drink Hammer of Thor together with alcohol (gives an increased load on the heart, wait an hour and a half before the reception), not to exceed the dosage.

Results after applying

After completing the course your body is saturated with testosterone, improves potency, increases the interest in sex, often manifest in agitation. Sexual intercourse becomes longer. The main effect is felt immediately after ingestion, accumulation occurs after taking the full course. If you don't want the fact of reception have you had prolonged erection, take one drop at a time.

In addition to the effects of the sexual sphere, Hammer of Thor provides General health. Drops improve blood flow, strengthen blood vessels, relieve stress, improve the functioning of the brain. The complete course helps to tone the body, to remove various light inflammation, prevent diseases of the genitourinary system. All this is proof of what to order Hammer of Thor a must!